Jesse O'Mahoney

Jesse is an experienced television writer with over 100 broadcast hours to his name, he is currently working as a core writer on EASTENDERS. Jesse was commissioned to write a treatment for ITV's sixth series of VERA and has previously completed a shadow script for the BBC Drama show THE INTERCEPTOR. He developed an original idea with ITV Studios and has participated in the Kudos Bush Initiative. He is currently working on a Series Treatment for an original drama idea with the BBC and is developing a number of original drama ideas.

Jesse wrote on HOLLYOAKS for over three years and was head writer on Sky's DREAM TEAM, a show he also produced for over a year. Jesse was finalist for the Best Young Writer award at the Broadcast Young Talent Awards in 2006 and in 2003 won the Best Screenplay Award at the London 48 Hour Film Competition. Jesse is also a successful professional songwriter. 

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