Jessica Silcock & Naomi Smith

Jessica Silcock and Naomi Smith are a Manchester-based comedy writing partnership. They were finalists in the BBC's "Jesting About 2" competition, and received mentorship from BBC Comedy producers. Their script was selected for read-through, where it was very well received.

They are developing an original comedy series with CBBC and currently are writing the pilot script . They have previously developed comedy ideas with NBC Universal’s comedy division Lucky Giant and BBC3. They worked with CBBC on new sketch show SPOT BOTS and have written two episodes of NELLA THE PRINCESS KNIGHT for Brown Bag Films and Nickelodeon. They have also written on two children's shows for The Foundation. They have previously written sketch material for CBBC's CLASS DISMISSED, BBC's THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB SOUND, WATSON & OLIVER, DNN and THE HEADSET SET, and are working on a number of original ideas.

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